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Banned Books


Warning: This page includes
explicit content of a sexual nature

About  -
The ‘ISTD’ (International Society of Typographic Designers) set the brief 'Banned Books' with the challenge to create a chapter from a banned or censored book in a digital format.

The original text of 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' was censored up until 2011 because it was deemed offensive for its homosexual content. I explore two version of the 7th chapter with both censored and uncensored editions.

The censored and uncensored texts vary in graphic treatment: the lewd  illustrative type of the uncensored text reminiscent of Victorian play bills compared with the dandified high society typography of the censored edition.

I mocked up this project for an iPad format to demonstrate the typographic treatments in their animated states.

Illustration - Typgraphy - Animation