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‘De-’ Vol. 1
Queer Blood


About  - 
De-' is a new Queer magazine which looks to engage a broad audience in all things Queer with an insight in to ideas in Queer theory as well as the lives of those in the Queer community.

The first 1st volume 'Queer Blood', looks to give a general introduction to some Queer contemporaries and key ideas in Queer theory. It has been designed, illustrated and co-written by Hugo in order to be as comprehensive and visually engaging as possible.

'Queer Blood' includes a number of contributions from MA Sexual Dissidence students at the University of Sussex. MA student Hugh Stirling co-wrote and edited the publication whilst other contributions included writings, poetry and photography. ' De- ' also worked with the photographe Vic lentaigne as well as the Brighton based Queer night 'Traumfrau' to put on a workshop to generate content which also features in the publication. 

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